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Chasing Tides


Alissa Lewis is looking for more than just inspiration… she needs an escape.

After being unceremoniously fired from the newspaper she where worked for years, Alissa feels lost and uncertain. On a whim, she books a getaway to a literary themed B&B near a small beachfront town called Blueberry Bay.

She’s hoping a change of scenery will give her a fresh start, and from the moment she arrives, she’s enchanted by the beautiful landscapes and friendly people. As luck would have it, an opportunity to extend her stay arises when she finds out that the local paper is hiring. There’s only one problem—the man who runs it is as grumpy as he is intriguing.

Dane Taylor is from New York, and unlike Alissa, he’s skeptical of the peaceful charm small-town life has to offer. But as the two of them begin to work together, Alissa realizes they have more in common than she first thought. And as Dane reveals his softer side, feelings start to develop that neither of them expected.

Shaking things up even more, Alissa’s twin sister Caitlin pays a surprise visit and admits that her marriage is in trouble.

As the sisters lean on each other through the changes and challenges they face, Alissa realizes she’s at a crossroads between the life she thought she wanted and the true meaning of happiness.

She thought Blueberry Bay would be her escape, but instead, it’s starting to feel a lot like... home.


It’s summer in Blueberry Bay, and that means fireflies, festivals, and family gatherings!

As June rolls around, Alissa Lewis has never been happier. She and Dane are working together to turn The Outlet into a premier newspaper and magazine, and her debut novel is in bookstores around the country. And she’s eager to take part in the upcoming summer festival that’s been the talk of the town.

But the closer the festival gets, the more she notices Dane is acting strangely, prompting her to wonder if their relationship isn’t as solid as she thought it was. Is there trouble in paradise, or is there some other reason for Dane’s odd behavior? What secret is he hiding?

Meanwhile, Caitlin is struggling to save her marriage, but she doesn’t know how to fix things with James—especially after she finds out that he’s been keeping a secret of his own.

And for Hannah Jenkins, summer is a time for daydreaming about the future. Although she loves music, she’s torn between moving away to pursue a musical career and staying in town to help her father run his restaurant. But when a handsome young man named Luke comes to Blueberry Bay to visit his aunt and uncle for the summer, he helps Hannah realize that she’s been letting fear hold her back.

Is she brave enough to spread her wings and take a leap of faith?


For Caitlin Lewis, starting over after divorce is both exhilarating and terrifying. But it’s easier with family and friends by her side.

After finalizing her divorce with her ex-husband, Caitlin and her daughter move to Blueberry Bay to be closer to Alissa. Caitlin is feeling overwhelmed by the daunting task of starting over, worried about how Pearl will react to the transition and anxious to settle in and find a job.

When she sees an opportunity to start a dinner cruise business, she leaps at the prospect, excited to build something of her own. But renovating the old boat she bought proves to be a bit more work than she expected—until the local coffee shop owner, Michael O’Neil, surprises her by offering his help.

Caitlin isn’t looking for love, and neither is Michael, a confirmed bachelor. But as a friendship forms between them, Caitlin starts to wonder if maybe she was too hasty in swearing off romance. And although Michael never considered himself a family man, he sees things through a completely different lens whenever he’s with Caitlin and Pearl.

Alissa and Dane’s relationship is moving forward as well—but there’s a hiccup when his mother comes to visit and clashes with Alissa.

Luckily, the two sisters always have each other as they navigate life’s ups and downs in Blueberry Bay.

Snowy Pine Ridge Christmas


As the head of a thriving investment firm in St. Louis, Lacy Preston thinks she has it all… until her fast-paced life is disrupted one day by a single phone call. She’s shocked to discover that her estranged grandfather has died and left her his sprawling old house in Snowy Pine Ridge, New Hampshire.

Although it’s the last thing she wants to do, especially with the holidays approaching, Lacy decides to head to Snowy Pine Ridge to oversee the sale of the property. She has no intention of staying in the cozy little town, and no intention of keeping the historic building her grandfather—a man affectionately called St. Nick by the locals—passed on to her.

But as she works on renovating the old house to put it on the market, she gets to know the residents of the town, including local dog-sledder Derek Morse, who almost runs her over with his sled the first time they meet.

Derek has lived in Snowy Pine Ridge all his life, and he has no use for the big city folks who sometimes come through… even if this particular city slicker has the most arresting green eyes he’s ever seen and a laugh that rivals the jingle of Christmas bells. Still, when she comes to him asking for help with an abandoned puppy, he can’t say no.

Lacy certainly isn’t looking for love this holiday season. But as she and Derek navigate the hijinks of the mischievous pup, delve into a mystery from her family’s past, and uncover a buried secret, she starts to realize that sometimes…

Love finds you even when you’re not looking for it.


A heartwarming holiday romance with small town charm and Christmas cheer, perfect for reading by the fireside as you curl up under a cozy blanket.

Sarah Langston used to run Sweet Thing Bakery with her parents and her sister, but ever since her parents moved to Arizona and her sister married an Olympic skier, she’s been managing the shop on her own. Although baking has always been her passion, she can’t help feeling a bit lonely and adrift as the holidays approach. She’s made sacrifices to keeping the shop running, but has her devotion to her bakery kept her from finding love all these years?

Returning to Snowy Pine Ridge after several years away, William Parks is surprised to run into Sarah. He remembers her as an awkward teenager, the younger sister of his high school sweetheart, Michelle, and is floored by the beautiful, vivacious woman she’s become.

The holidays are usually the best time for Sarah’s business, as the locals all flock to the cozy shop in search of sweet treats and warm hot cocoa—but the Christmas cheer is dimmed when financial troubles threaten the future of her bakery. With William’s help, she works to save her beloved business, even as sparks fly between the two of them.

With a sprinkling of hope and the magic of mistletoe, can Sarah and William rescue Sweet Thing Bakery… and find their way to each other’s hearts?


A heartwarming holiday romance with small town charm and Christmas cheer, perfect for reading by the fireside as you curl up under a cozy blanket.

Shelley Keegan is an ex-Olympic figure skater whose past has haunted her ever since the entire world saw her take a bad fall during a televised skating routine. Her fall cost the USA the gold medal, and she hasn’t been able to get back on the ice since then.

As she struggles to find her passion again, she arrives in Snowy Pine Ridge looking for some solace and cheer during the Christmas season. Hoping to avoid awkward questions or gossip, she decides not to tell anyone in the quaint little town who she is—but her hope of remaining anonymous gets more complicated when she meets single father Matthew Martinez and his son Brandon.

The holidays are a tough time to be a single parent, and Matthew is determined to honor his late wife by giving Brandon a Christmas to remember. So even though he initially butts heads with the petite woman he meets at the local ice rink, he soon realizes that she might be able to help Brandon with the one thing he loves most: skating.

Can Shelley let go of the ghosts of her past and rediscover her love for the ice? And can Matthew open up his heart to the possibility of falling for someone new?

One thing is for certain. With snow swirling in the air and the holiday spirit all around, there’s no better time than Christmas for second chances.


For years, Colette Hillis has worked as a caregiver for Emma Cleaver. When the kindly old woman passes away and leaves Colette her house, Colette is shocked by the generosity of her former employer. But the truth is, the guest house at the back of the property has always felt the most like “home” to her, so she decides to continue living there while renting out the main house as an investment.

Fortunately, it isn’t long before she finds an interested renter—a handsome out-of-towner named Zach McKnight. Unfortunately, the two of them butt heads almost immediately. He’s a painter from Rochester who’s escaped to Snowy Pine Ridge for the holidays to rediscover his creativity, and as he fills the house with art supplies, Colette finds herself struggling to adjust to all the changes he brings to Emma’s old home.

But as a blanket of white falls over Snowy Pine Ridge and the holidays approach, Colette and Zach start to realize they have more in common than they thought. And as romance blossoms between them, Colette realizes that Emma’s last Christmas gift to her was more than just the house…

It was the chance to find love in the most unexpected place.


After the tabloids deem actress Valerie Bernard “over the hill” despite the fact that she’s only in her thirties, she decides she needs a break from the hustle of Los Angeles. And what better place to get away than the idyllic little town that her mother used to speak so fondly of?

But once she arrives in Snowy Pine Ridge, Valerie has a harder time blending in than she expected. She’s not used to small town life, and the residents of the town aren’t used to having a movie star in their midst. She somehow seems to make a bad impression on everyone she meets—except Clark Mitchell, the local hardware store owner.

He sees past the mask of celebrity that she wears, right down to the real person underneath. And when a local family’s home is damaged by a storm, Clark offers Valerie the chance to do something meaningful with her holiday by helping to renovate a temporary lodging for them.

As she and Clark spend long hours working together, Valerie discovers a secret that connects her to the town in a way she never saw coming. And she starts to wonder if her heart still belongs to the glittering lights of Hollywood…

…or if it might just belong to the sweet, down-to-earth man who reminded her of what really matters in life.

Friends. Family. And most of all, love.


Mindy Harvey has a wonderful life in Snowy Pine Ridge. With good friends, a successful bakery, and the loyal company of her dog Gus, she has everything she needs.

Well… almost. The only thing that’s missing is someone to share it all with, but after several lackluster dates, she’s decided not to settle for anything less than true love. So she’s shocked when the only man she’s ever loved—and the man who broke her heart—appears in Snowy Pine Ridge just before Christmas.

Noah Henderson, a driven businessman with a demanding schedule, has inherited a large parcel of land in town after his aunt’s passing. He plans to develop the land into an industrial complex, and his arrival stirs up a storm of resistance from the townspeople who cherish their close-knit community.

Fortunately, they have one chance to change Noah’s mind. A stipulation in his aunt’s will requires him to get to know the town before he does anything with the land he’s inherited—so Mindy reluctantly volunteers to be his tour guide.

Still nursing the hurts of the past, she expects to hate every minute of their time together. But as she and Noah attend the tree lighting festival, partner up for a very competitive gingerbread house contest, and even help with a holiday marriage proposal, she starts to see a new side of the man who once held her heart.

As a spark reignites between them, she finds herself wanting to give love a second chance. But will this chapter end the same way the last one did? Or can Mindy and Noah find a way to rewrite their story?

Saltwater Sunsets


An artist who’s lost her creative spark. The beachside town she abandoned years ago.

Will a return to her hometown give her a second chance in life and love?

Darla Sims left her hometown of Whale Harbor years ago to pursue a career as an artist in New York City. But after a disastrous art show that leaves her questioning everything, she receives even more devastating news: her beloved grandmother has passed away, and she needs to return home for the funeral.

Going back to Whale Harbor wasn’t in her plans, and from the moment Darla sets foot in the small coastal town where she grew up, her life is turned on its head.

She and her mother have barely spoken in years, and as the they struggle to reconnect, misunderstandings threaten to drive them further apart. On top of that, an accidental run-in with her first crush has Darla wondering if there’s truly such a thing as second chances when it comes to love.

Not that it matters. She doesn’t plan to be in Whale Harbor long, so there’s no point in trying to patch up old relationships or begin new ones. The hustle and grind of New York is where she truly belongs. Isn’t it?

As she reconnects with her past and finds her inspiration again, can she decide between the dream she thought she wanted… and the one she never saw coming?


She’s always been the type to play it safe…
…but are some things worth the risk?

Marty Sims is thrilled to have her sister back home in Whale Harbor, and she’s happy to see Darla and Rick’s relationship flourishing. Still, seeing the two of them together makes Marty realize she’s ready for that kind of connection in her own life.

She knows she needs to get out of her comfort zone if she’s going to find love, so she vows to keep her heart open to whatever comes her way—even when she finds out that her old crush, Wyatt Jameson, has returned to Whale Harbor.

Recently divorced, Wyatt has moved back to town to open up a bike shop, and his presence sends all of Marty’s carefully laid plans scattering like leaves in the wind. Sparks immediately fly between them, but despite the way he makes her heart flutter, she can't help but worry that his adventurous spirit means he'll never want to settle down again.

Can Wyatt prove to Marty that he’s ready to build something real and lasting? And can Marty find the courage to let go of her fears and take a chance on the unknown?


She’s one of the most beloved residents of Whale Harbor…
…and one of the loneliest.

Although it’s been several years since her husband’s death, schoolteacher Gabrielle Watson has never truly found her footing in the aftermath of his loss. To make matters worse, she’s estranged from her son Braden, who works as an architect in Washington. She finds solace in books and in the time she spends with her students, but still, she can’t shake the feeling that she’s a bit stuck.

When a twist of fate brings one of her favorite authors, Thomas Thurmond, to town, the sparks that fly between them jolt Gabrielle out of her old routine. For the first time in a long time, she finds herself thinking about love and romance. But is Thomas interested in more than just friendship?

After Braden loses his job and returns to Whale Harbor, things get even more complicated. As mother and son struggle to reconnect, it turns out that Thomas might be the one who can help them bridge the gap.

Marty and Wyatt are settling into their new relationship, but when Peaches starts acting strange, it injects a bit of stress into their domestic bliss. For her part, Darla has decided to set up Whale Harbor’s first art museum. Although it proves to be a bigger undertaking than she expected, with Rick’s help and support, she’s determined to make it one of Whale Harbor’s most exciting attractions.

But just when everything seems to be going well for the residents of Whale Harbor, a looming blizzard threatens everything. Can the residents of Whale Harbor weather the storm?


Sometimes one dream falls apart… to make room for another.

When Monica Grey’s long-distance relationship ends, she’s devastated. She’s been holding on for years, waiting for the day when she could move forward with all the plans she made with her now ex-boyfriend. And finding out that he wasn’t the man she thought he was only makes the heartache even worse.

Eager to create a new start, she decides to take the plunge and open up a literary-themed bed and breakfast. Although it’s thrilling to be pursuing a lifelong dream, it’s a little terrifying too—at least, until she receives some help from the most unlikely source.

Braden Watson was only supposed to be in Whale Harbor for a short visit, but after healing his relationship with his mother, he’s no longer in such a hurry to leave. And when he finds out that the town’s pretty librarian is newly single and undertaking the daunting task of renovating an old building, he has even more reason to stay.

It isn’t long before sanding floors together turns into dinners on the beach and late nights spent talking. But as feelings between them deepen, can Braden convince Monica that he’s nothing like her cheating ex?

Meanwhile, Darla and Rick are ready to dive into wedding planning. But it’s hard for them to find a free moment, since he’s busy with his boat tour business, and she’s got a full plate as she works to open the art museum. And Marty and Wyatt are facing their own dilemma as Marty receives an unexpected offer that could alter their lives completely.

Sea Breeze Cove Series


Her life is picture perfect…

…until one fateful day changes everything.

In the space of a single afternoon, Charlotte Winters’ seemingly ideal life falls apart.

After being let go from her job at a publishing house, she discovers her boyfriend on a date with another woman. As she reels from their subsequent breakup, she receives the shocking news that her estranged Aunt Jean has passed away.

Even more surprising? Charlotte has inherited her aunt’s beach house in the small coastal town of Sea Breeze Cove, Massachusetts.

At 36 years old with no job and no relationship to keep her in Chicago, Charlotte decides she won’t sell the house. Instead, she’ll move to Sea Breeze Cove, fix the old home up, and get the fresh start she so desperately needs.

But life never moves in a straight line, and even fresh starts have a few bumps along the way. As she adapts to life in the cozy beachside town, Charlotte uncovers a buried secret that changes everything she thought she knew about her family.

And a handsome newcomer with a mysterious past has her questioning whether she’s ready to open up her heart again…


As winter arrives in Sea Breeze Cove, not everything is smooth sailing…

With Briggs’ support, Charlotte is stepping into her new role as owner of The Book Nook, and she’s thrilled to have enticed well-known author Marissa McGuire to come to the shop as part of her book tour. Unfortunately, Charlotte has no idea that Marissa has a hidden motive for spending time in Sea Breeze Cove—something that might not sit well with the rest of the residents.

Sadie is determined to turn her dog walking business into something bigger, but she finds herself a bit distracted by a certain handsome vet. When Ethan offers to help her expand her business, she can’t help but wonder if he might have feelings for her too. But as misunderstandings threaten to push them apart, will either of them work up the courage to make a move before it’s too late?

Meanwhile, Jesse has been behaving strangely, and Addison is worried that he’s keeping a secret from her. But what could it be?


Even in a peaceful seaside town, it’s not always smooth sailing.

Inspired by her love of reading, Charlotte has decided to try her hand at writing a book. She’s excited about her new project, but balancing it between her work at the bookstore and spending time with Briggs proves to be a bit of a challenge. Can she find a way to juggle it all?

Meanwhile, Elise is thrilled that Bridget has been able to take on more responsibility at the restaurant. She always encouraged her dad to delegate more, and now that she’s taken her own advice, she has time to focus on other aspects of her life—like her friendship with Gabe.

They’ve known each other for years, and lately it seems like their relationship could turn into something more. But is she willing to risk losing him as a friend if they try to date and it doesn’t work out?

Even as she tries to sort out her feelings for her longtime friend, she’s shocked by a revelation that she never saw coming.

Bridget has been keeping a secret from her. A big one.

Charlotte and her friends will have to rely on their bonds with each other more than ever as they face the challenges life throws at them!


She’s found the man of her dreams. But is she ready to say ‘I do’?

In the aftermath of Bridget’s deception and the boating accident, Charlotte and her friends are all contemplating what’s most important to them in life.

For Briggs, the answer is easy: Charlotte.

But when he pops the big question, she gets cold feet, worried that his brush with death is making him rush into something he’s not ready for.

Can he convince her that he’s ready to move on from the heartbreak of his past and take this next step with her?

Meanwhile, Sadie and Ethan hit a rocky patch in their relationship, and Elise struggles with whether to give Bridget a second chance, even as her relationship with Gabe becomes more serious.

And as Addison and Jesse welcome a new member to their family, complications bring all of their friends together, reminding them that the most important thing in life is always…



She’s watched her sister re-invent herself in Sea Breeze Cove. Can she do the same?

Nina Winters was a bit skeptical when Charlotte decided to move to the small town of Sea Breeze Cove and refurbish their aunt’s old house. But with a fiancé who adores her and a business of her own, Charlotte is clearly flourishing.

So Nina decides to visit, hoping to make a fresh start for herself as well. And things start to look up when she catches the attention of both a local doctor and a handsome cop.

But everything changes when she starts to realize that rather than the shallow relationships she’s had in the past, she wants something real.

Can she open up her heart enough to make a true connection? Or will she let fear drive her away from a chance at love?

Marigold Island Series

Beachside Inn FINAL.jpg

Lydia Walker and Angela Collins both need a fresh start.

A year ago, Lydia became a widow at thirty-eight when she lost her beloved husband to cancer, and despite the support of her friends and her teenage daughter, Holly, she’s had a hard time moving on from the loss. She feels stuck, uncertain of how to carry out her husband’s final wish that she do something that scares her.

Angela Collins has what seems like the perfect life—a beautiful little boy, a loving husband, and a good career. But that all comes crumbling down when she returns home early one afternoon and discovers that her husband is having an affair.

Struggling with grief and loss, both women head to Marigold Island, an idyllic small town with white sand beaches and happy childhood memories.

A chance meeting between the two old friends sparks an idea that’s as exciting as it is terrifying. They decide to buy the historic Beachside Inn, renovate it, and re-open it.

Along the way, they’ll encounter a cranky landscaper who may have a soft side hidden beneath his gruff exterior, plumbing mishaps, old acquaintances, and unexpected competition from a big hotel.

Will Lydia and Angela get the second chance they’re hoping for? Or will their dreams of re-opening the Beachside Inn be dashed before they even get off the ground?

Beachside Beginnings Ebook.jpg

The Beachside Inn is up and running, but that doesn’t mean the work is done. In fact, things are busier than ever! After months of preparation, Angela and Lydia are finally hosting their first guests—including Patrick, who needs a place to stay while he hunts for a new house.

Tourist season is ramping up, and the Summer Sand Festival is right around the corner. Grant and Lydia are spending more time together, letting their budding relationship grow as they both begin to move on from the losses of their past.

Angela is thrilled to see her friend so happy, and she’s happy, too. She knows ending things with Scott was the right decision, even if she misses having a romantic partner in her life. And she finds herself bonding with Patrick as they both navigate the ups and downs of divorce. Despite how awkward she used to be around him when she was a teenager with a crush, he’s surprisingly easy to talk to.

But even as she starts to wonder if her friendship with Patrick could turn into something deeper, Scott shows back up in her life, promising to do better and asking for a second chance.

Will Angela return to the past or embrace the new beginnings she’s found on Marigold Island?

Meanwhile, Brooke decides to adopt a furry friend, and Hunter has a big audition for a film role. Travis is finally starting to think he might like to settle down, although he’s not exactly excited about the dating apps Brooke helps him sign up for. And an unexpected health issue sends Phoebe to the emergency room.

It’s a summer of changes and challenges, but with laughter, love, and faith, anything is possible.


Watching her sister Angela pursue her passion has inspired Brooke to follow her own dreams.

For years, she’s harbored a secret fantasy of opening up a bakery of her own in Marigold, but maybe it doesn’t have to be just a fantasy. Although starting a new business is a daunting prospect and a lot of work, Brooke finally feels ready to take the leap. Guests at the inn have been raving about her pastries, and her family is behind her all the way, so now she just needs to find the startup capital.

Since she’s been house-sitting for Hunter while he’s in Los Angeles shooting a movie, the two of them have grown even closer. But when the handsome actor offers to invest in her business, Brooke is shocked—not just by his offer, but by her reaction to it.

She should be over the moon, but she finds herself strangely hesitant to accept. Because the truth is, she wants to be more than just Hunter’s business partner… and more than just his friend.

As things get more serious between Grant and Lydia, she plans a surprise birthday party for him. And Travis is back on the dating scene, but he hasn’t found a love connection yet. Still, he can’t seem to stop thinking about his encounter with the pretty realtor who called for help after a break-in at one of her properties.

Winter on Marigold Island can be cold and blustery, but with sweet treats, good food, and the love of family, warmth abounds.


As winter turns to spring on Marigold island, new beginnings and fresh possibilities are everywhere!
Brooke and Hunter are preparing for their wedding day, eager to tie the knot before he leaves to shoot his next movie. They’ve both agreed they want to keep the ceremony small and simple, but Hunter can’t resist planning a little surprise for the woman of his dreams.

Single mother Kinsey Haling has been struggling ever since her husband passed away. Although she’s managed to keep her event planning business afloat, she’s just going through the motions.

But when Brooke and Hunter recruit her to help with their wedding, she has to work closely with local carpenter Harrison Peters on the upcoming event. To her surprise, they have a lot in common, and she finds herself smiling and laughing for the first time in months.

Her heart is starting to open up again, but can she really take the leap into a new relationship when she has her daughter and her business to think about?

Meanwhile, Millie and Carl are thinking about adopting a puppy, and Lydia and Angela decide to make some improvements to the inn. Patrick is trying to finish his first beachy romance book, but he’s hit an unexpected bout of writer’s block and can’t figure out how to get past it.

There's something missing. He's sure of it. But what?


Jennifer Lowry came to Marigold Island to leave her past behind… but her ex-boyfriend has other ideas.

He’s decided he wants to try to get back together, but she knows better than to trust any promises he makes. After all, she left him because he lied to her, drank too much, and made bad decisions. That’s not the kind of person she needs in her life. She’s looking for someone kind and sweet, someone reliable and steady.

Someone a lot like Travis Collins, the local police officer she keeps crossing paths with. Every time they talk, sparks fly between them, and she finally works up the nerve to ask Travis out on a date.

But despite her attempts to move forward, are her past and her present about to collide?

Meanwhile, Brooke is dealing with a rival baker who’s been copying her most successful recipes, and Angela helps Patrick get ready for the release of his new book. Grant is planning to ask Lydia a very important question, but first, he needs to do a little ring shopping.

Big changes are afoot for the crew in Marigold as spring blooms across the island!


Grace Nelson is 39 years old, but she doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. After spending the past several years as the primary caretaker for her ill father, she’s grown accustomed to putting someone else’s needs above her own.

After he passes away, she feels adrift and uncertain, mourning his death as she tries to figure out her next steps. When her childhood friends Lydia Walker and Angela Collins invite her visit Marigold Island and stay at the Beachside inn, it sounds like the perfect escape. As much as she loves Colorado, she’s missed the beach, and time away from her regular routine will give her a chance to rediscover who she is.

Joshua Marsden isn’t looking for a change. His life is fine just the way it is, thank you. Sure, he works a bit too much, but it’s that level of dedication that helped him build his restaurant into the successful establishment it is today.

Still, when a friend challenges him to try something new, he reluctantly agrees to sign up for a few classes through the local rec center. He doesn’t expect to enjoy himself at all… until he strikes up a conversation with the pretty brunette woman in his pottery class. Grace is only visiting for the summer, but the connection between them is undeniable.

Lydia and Angela are thrilled to reconnect with their old friend, and they’re happy to see her flourishing on Marigold. Meanwhile, Grant and Lydia are planning their wedding, and another proposal is right around the corner.

Who will be the next to say I do?


Wedding bells, natural disasters, and new neighbors make for a busy fall on Marigold Island.

After giving the Beachside Inn a glowing review, travel blogger Meredith Walters will be returning to walk down the aisle at the old inn. Between coordinating that event and planning her own wedding, Lydia barely has a moment to breathe.

An old acquaintance of Millie’s, Carl Hopkins, has moved into the recently vacated house next door to hers… and she’s anything but happy to see him. Long-forgotten rivalries resurface, and a dispute over a tree has each of them trying to recruit Marigold’s citizens to their side.

Meanwhile, Angela is worried about Jake being bullied at school, and Patrick needs to get started on his next thriller novel—except his creative muse is pulling him in an entirely different direction.

But all of that takes a back seat when a hurricane comes barreling toward the island. As everyone prepares for a potentially disastrous storm, the things that really matter rise to the surface.

Family. Friendship. Hope. And the enduring power of love.


Snowfalls, festive meals, and family gatherings. It must be the holiday season on Marigold Island.

Business at the Beachside Inn has been going so well that Lydia and Angela decide to take a bit of time off for the first time since they opened their doors, making a plan to close the inn over Christmas and use the space to host a party for their family and friends.

Lydia is also grappling with worry that Grant’s mother doesn’t like her, so she suggests that they invite his parents to visit for the holidays, determined to smooth things over.

Angela and Patrick have moved in together, and Angela is more grateful than ever to have a kind and supportive father-figure in Jake’s life—especially since the little boy has developed his first crush on a girl at school, something Angela has no idea how to navigate.

Brooke is working on a new treat for the bakery, something she’s certain will make her pastry shop stand out… if she can finally get the recipe just right.

And Travis is dealing with a series of 911 calls involving the defacement of Christmas light displays at several houses. Can he track down the culprit before they strike again?

One thing is certain: holidays on Marigold are never dull!

Come dip your toes in the crystal blue waters of Marigold Island, a fictional island town tucked in next to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. This heartwarming and uplifting women’s fiction will take you on a journey of healing, friendship, family, faith, and love.


Sometimes the flowers that bloom late bloom the brightest.

Ever since her diagnosis with a chronic illness, Claire Boone has felt left behind in life. She works a remote job doing data entry and has lost touch with her old friends, finding solace only in her beloved garden.

But when her aunt gives her an unexpected gift, it upends her monotonous existence. Determined to do something amazing with what she’s been given, she decides to open a flower shop—something she always dreamed of but never thought would be possible.

Fortunately, despite the challenges and setbacks of trying to start a new business while managing her illness, she soon realizes that she’s not as alone as she thought she was. As she renews friendships and rediscovers her confidence, she also finds herself falling for the quiet, mysterious newcomer to town, Liam Hiller.

Liam came to Whale Harbor to escape the pressures of his life as a firefighter in Boston after a particularly dangerous job left him doubting his ability to act in a crisis. He only planned to stay for a short while, but the pretty florist who sees past the facade he tries to wear might change all of that.

Meanwhile, Marty and Wyatt have just gotten married and are excited about their honeymoon, but things don’t go quite as planned. And newlyweds Darla and Rick are debating a big life decision…

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